Top Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Is it me or does it seem like it’s always Baby season? There’s always a chance you know of a little one on the way, they’ll be a baby shower invite making it’s way to you or maybe you’ve already received one and you don’t know what baby shower gift to buy.

I’ve been to so many baby showers in the past two years and I always get stumped what gift to buy if I don’t have time to make a nappy cake, just time to click and buy!

Of course if Mum has a gift list, you can follow that. Maybe you’re the expectant first-time mother and want some ideas for your baby shower gift list.

Take a look at this go-to list of gifts that will suit any budget to make giving just that little bit easier and sweeter.

Baby Bathtime

Bath-time is a great time for bonding with bouncing baby. Making sure he or she is comfortable is very important so they can enjoy the experience. Mum will surely reap the benefits of a smooth and enjoyable bath as it will surely make bedtime a lot easier.

Feeding Time

Meal times can be enjoyable for everyone involved with this range of meal time utensils. There are so many bottle sets available. Why not get a bundle like the one below containing a steam steriliser too?

Health and Baby Care

From muslin cloths to baby monitors, below are some baby care products that mum will find mega useful from day-to-day.

Activity and Entertainment

Aah…favourite time…play-time! Here’s how to keep baby stimulated and entertained while awake. Don’t forget to get some extra batteries (Mum may not have time)

Storage and Accessories

A great nappy bag can make all the difference to a day out with baby. How about a nappy disposal unit to make nappy time a doddle.

For Baby’s Comfort

Make snuggle time extra snuggly with gorgeous blankets and places to lay babies head.

For Mum-to-Be

How about a pressie for mum-to-be? It can be a body pillow to make the pregnancy nights more comfortable.

Or something more personal that has nothing to do with baby. Perhaps a spa set to help her relax after a long day with baby.


I hope you’ve got plenty of inspiration for your gifts. I will update with any new unique ideas I find so be sure to check back.

Or maybe you’d like to try and make your own gift, you could make a personalised gift containing a variety of items in a hamper or nappy cake that would be super useful for the new baby.

If you can think of any other useful items to put in this guide, feel free to share them below

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